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Virtual Organizations

Characteristics of virtual organisations. Virtual organisation is a temporary or permanent coalition of geographically dispersed individuals, groups, organisational units or entire organisations that pool resources, capabilities and information to achieve common objectives.

The characteristics of a virtual organisation are as given below:

•       Virtual organisations are spatially dispersed. They can be formed across country borders throughout the world.

•       Virtual organisations exist for a specific purpose, e.g. to implement a long-term marketing strategy, to launch a new groundbreaking product or to achieve some scientific goal. These organisations quickly deliver producg/services that are innovative and customized.

•       All sensitive information in a virtual organisation is stored centrally and backed up, rather than saved in paper format. However, there is easy, e-mail and/or Web-based access to centralized data for geographically-dispersed  members of the organisation. There is secure e-mail and/or Web-based access to the members to manage, share, and collaborate on business.

•       Membership and structure of a virtual organisation evolve over time. Members of virtual organisations can switch from one project to another. Usually the members have shared responsibilities, shared control, shared leadership, shared access to computing resources and services and shared loyalty.

•       Resources, services and people that comprise a virtual organisation can be single or multi-institutional, homogeneous or heterogeneous. Such organisation exhibits a unifying property because it is constituted from different organisational entities that create an effect of a single organisation.

•       Virtuality is a matter of degree rather than a categorical property of an organisation. Organisation can choose to virtualize its different parts, like production core, front end or back end.

•       The presence of information technology infrastructure is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a virtual organisation formation. Examples of IT that can be used are e-mail, electronic file transfer, telephone, fax, screen sharing applications, video conferencing, groupware tools, project management applications etc.

Types of virtual organizations:
Organisation Network
It is a work organization that consists of several autonomous organizations that cross boundaries of formal organizations. It is a flexible organization network that performs tasks based on complementary competencies.

Network Organization
It is work organization of humans and virtual actors that cooperates despite being dispersed in place and time. It is aimed at knowledge creation, innovation and learning by creating variety and selection.

Objective Virtual Organization
It is a formal organization with humans and virtual actors in which virtual actors have formal mandates. Virtual actors have the mandate to perform acts that change positions of legal an commitment and create new rights.

Subjective Virtual Organization
It is an artifact organization within the virtual domain that influences participating humans. The virtual world is a world in which people or computer actors react on what you do or what you say and boundaries between real and virtual become less clear and the people wander in virtual domains.

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