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What is WWW & How Is It Work

The World Wide Web, also known as the WWW or the Web, is an organization of files designed around a group of servers on the Internet, programmed to handle requests from browser software that resides on users' PCs. The name is based on the fact that information that make up a document may come from anywhere in the world. The key concepts that one needs to be familiar with in order to understand how the Web works, are the following:

which is a way of formatting pages with embedded links that connect documents to one another and that also link pages to other objects.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
which is the protocol used to transmit Web pages over the Internet.

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)
which are the addresses at which Web pages can be found.

Which is the programming language used to create most Web pages and which provide designers with a fixed set of tags that are used to format a Web page.

Which is a newer markup language that allows designers to describe data and information.

Web server software:
Which is a software that enables a computer to deliver Web pages written in HTML to client machines that request this service by sending an HTTP request. Web server software also provides security services.

Search engine, and data capture services. The term web server also is used to refer to the physical computer that runs the Web server software.

Web clients:
Which are computing devices attached to the Internet that are capable of making HTTP requests and displaying HTML pages.

Web browsers:
Which display web pages and also have added features such as e-mail and news groups.

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