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Open Source Technology is complete freedom of high quality web solution . it's a liberty to select from a verity of enterprise class technologies to prepare your website and achive desired goals, the liberty to enhance and protect your business avoiding any excessive technology licencing fees, and complete indepedence to change the direction of your IT Strategy whenever desired.

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Design Website in House

One of the issues raised at the planning stage is whether the IT department of the business should design the Website or it should be assigned to an outside Web designer. The advantage of having the work done in-house is control over the entire project, provided required experience and expertise is available in-house, otherwise giving the Web design to an outside consultant proves better. The consultant can help you determine the Internet service provider, set up the Website, design and post the Web pages and provide a variety of solutions dealing with Web performance.

The decision to design in-house or outsource the project has much to do with comparing the amount of time it takes the in-house people to do the work, the cost of their time, and how quickly the job can be done, with that of the fee to be paid to an outside agency. If you want the site to attract users and crush the competition; if you want a slick, bells-and whistles site; and if you want to sell products online, there is a price to pay. The cost of the design package is only the beginning. Depending on which approach a business takes, it needs to consider setup costs, establishing a merchant bank account to which purchases are credited, credit card verification services and software, monthly site-hosting fees, fees for a site designer and support personnel.

The procedure for planning the Web design begins with looking at competitors' Websites, thinking about how your proposed site can improve upon those already in existence, and generating a list of the features. The next step is to locate an able designer.

Here are some of the things that should be considered in locating the right site developer, looking at sites the designer has developed and other references.

What services will you offer
The basic infrastructure of a Website consists of pages with text, graphics, audio and links to other pages. The entry point is called the home page. It is the first thing users see, and it creates a first and lasting impression about the Website. The next level in a Website is the ability to input data into the system, for example, filling out a form, sending an e-mail message to the company or sending comments about the site. Other considerations for this aspect of Website design include that the outsourcing of the design phase is a balance between designers' innovations and users' expectations.

User control and freedom
Users should be able to undo and redo paths they have taken by mistake and get back on track within the site with ease.

Consistency and standards
Users should not have to wonder whether different words or actions mean different things on different Web pages.

Recognition rather than recall
Objects and options should be visible, requiring no memorization or explanation.

Efficient design
Dialog should not have information that is either unrelated to the segment or rarely needed.

Recovery from error
Error messages should be displayed in plain language and should indicate the source of the problem and ways to correct it.

Help desk
The Website should have a feature where the user can go for help on activities related to the product, service, how to order, etc.

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